Our 40′ Double container unit is a spacious living space that has glass on both sides of the unit to maximize natural lighting and bring you closer to nature. The very generous interior features _____ square feet of living space that can be divided into many different configurations. Interior designs could include 2 bedrooms, a large great room including a full size kitchen, and a generous bathroom. Working with our interior architect will allow you to design the home of your dreams



Dimensions This unit is made of 40’ containers : 40’ x 16′
Kitchen The kitchen area is complete with your choice of finishes. It includes kitchen cabinets, stove top, small refrigerator
Bathroom This bathroom comes complete with a shower, toilet and a vanity
Flooring The unit is finished in your choice of hardwood flooring throughout, with tile in the bathroom
Lighting The unit is finished with high efficiency pot lights throughout.
Heating & A/C Heating and air conditioning is provided by a wall mounted unit.
Water Water can be connected to either city water (where permitted) or off-grid. Hot water is provided by a Hot-water tank located in the unit.
Starting At $ 175,000.00 : : Financing available on approved credit.

If you would like to change the design of this unit, contact us to discuss further.

Benefits Of Our Containers

Benefits Of Our Containers

60 – 90 Days We can deliver a finished product within 60-90 days from issuance of a building permit, giving you occupancy months ahead of a traditional build.
New Containers + Certification All our units are brand new, never used before and come with CSA certification.
Minimal Waste Because we build offsite, there is minimal waste produced and also minimal disruption to both you the home owner and your neighbours.
Savings On average our units are priced lower than a traditional build. Freeing up capital for other investments.


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